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per sq. ft.

Get up to $15,000 rebate when you replace your grass with California friendly & native plants!

Take advantage of LADWP’s most popular water conservation program.  Transform your lawn and create a sustainable landscape that includes:

  • California Friendly plants, including native species, appropriate for the Los Angeles climate

  • Mulch and other groundcover to help retain moisture in the soil

  • A rain capturing feature like a rain garden, rain barrel, cistern, infiltration trench, or vegetated swale

  • Drip irrigation (as needed)

A sustainable landscape will not only help you save on your water bill by reducing your water use. You will also help recharge the groundwater, reduce urban runoff and enhance wildlife habitat—overall benefiting yourself and the Los Angeles watershed.


Rebate Totals:
Residential Customers
Up to 5,000 sq. ft. .........$3.00/sq. ft.


1. Plan. Evaluate your project area, take measurements and plan your sustainable landscape. Determine how you can capture rain as part of your project. Consider signing up for a free landscape workshop and research plant palettes. Take plenty of
pictures of all project areas.


2. Reserve your rebate. Apply for the rebate at You must submit a minimum of five pictures, the first page of your LADWP bill, your project measurements, and your landscape plan. You must get pre-approval before beginning your project. Read all the terms and conditions that are required to receive your rebate.


3. Execute. Once you get your pre-approval, it is time to break ground and begin your project by DIY or hiring a contractor. Remember that you have six months to complete the project, and the best time to plant is between October and March.


4. Check, Submit and Collect. Review the Sustainable Landscape Checklist for your project. Take photos and submit them to to complete your rebate application. LADWPstaff will review your photos and may schedule an inspection before disbursing the rebate.


5. Enjoy your sustainable landscape. It will take some time for the plants to establish but soon, you’ll be able to see your water and money savings grow, along with your plants. Give yourself a pat on the back for transforming your lawn, saving water, and helping the environment.


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