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Marble Surface

Welcome to your 3D Landscape experience

L.A. Plants provides a unique and immersive 3D rendering experience. This 3D perspective will make it easy to visualize how you can use your outdoor space once it's completed. The 3D experience will make you feel like you’re walking over your new patio area, sitting by the new fire pit, cooking in the new outdoor kitchen, and give you a birds-eye view of the entire project. Our 3D landscape rendering will provide peace of mind and confidence that the end project will meet your expectations.

*Rendering Project starting at $1500 based on SQFT.*

Design Process

We take into account the need for sunlight, irrigation, and maintenance in every design. As the design process
progresses, we will create a site plan based on your tastes, style, sunlight, watering, and budget. Create photos
rendered using 3D technology to bring your designs to life. This will give you an idea of what your project will look
like before we start construction. This process is convenient, uncomplicated, and efficient.
Check out the general design process below.

Measuring Tape
Person Staring Screen
4703 Degovia Ave_061 - Copy.jpg

We start with a home consultation with one of our landscape professionals. At this point, we listen to your input, make recommendations, and determine a budget and wish list for the project. Once we have gathered all the
necessary information, we will collect location measurements and location photos.

• (Before data collection can begin, a 50% payment for the design package is required along with signed


Phase 1

After reviewing the concept plan with the client, a master plan will be created. 3D digital images (5-15 images) of the design are emailed to the client for approval.

• (25% is due during phase 2) This phase includes 2 stander revisions.

*If you revise the design more than 2 times, the price will be adjusted*


After the design concept is finalized and approved, A site map with plant legends and botanical photos is also
emailed to the customer.

• (During this final phase, we will need final payment to receive construction documents and plans).


Phase 2

Phase 3

Once rendering is completed, L.A. Plants Landscaping team will take care of making the vision come to life!